MEEEGS, AKOLA is committed to excellence in education. We not only concentrate and work hard for the academic excellence of our students, but also take care to give them proper exposure to modern trends in science and technology.

So we arranged another session of Vidyasagar Sir’s Yantram Robotic Workshop, today at MEEEGS. Last week we had the 1st session of this workshop and the response to it was so overwhelming that we had to divide┬ásome of the groups for this week 2nd session of the workshop.

The students really enjoyed the assembly session, software and coding session and the robo race.

Note: The students who attended today’s workshop can download the relevant source codes, from Vidyasagar Sir’s website. To visit the download page, click here.

The Winner Group

Today the robo race was won by: Abhishek Lavhale, Mayur Agrawal and Shashank Sawane. Congrats dear students, keep it up…!

yantram robotic workshop
The winners of today’s robo race conducted at MEEEGS

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