31-Jul-2020 Friday ELDRT-01 Physical World, Units and Measurements + Motion in a straight line + Motion in Plane + Laws of Motion + Work, Energy and Power Hydrogen + ‘s’ block elements + Some basic concepts of Chemistry + p-Block Ele(13th + 14th) The living World + Biological classification + Plant Kingdom+Animal Kingdom
4-Aug-2020 Tuesday ELDRT-02   System of Particles and rotational Motion + Gravitation Structure of atom + States of Matter + Chemical bonding & Molecular Structure  + Classification of Elements & Periodicity Morphology + Anatomy of Flowering Plants + Structural Organisation in Animals + Cell:The Unit of life+ Bio-molecule
8-Aug-2020 Saturday ELDRT-03  Mechanical Properties of Solids + Mechanical Properties of Fluids + Thermal Properties of Matter + Thermodynamics + Kinetic Theory Equilibrium + Thermodynamics  +Organic Chemistry:- Some basic Principles & Techniques + Hydrocarbons Cell Cycle and Cell Division + Transport in plants+Mineral Nutrition + Photosynthesis +Respiration in Plants+Plant Growth and Development
12-Aug-2020 Wednesday ELDRT-04 Oscillation + Waves Haloalkanes & Haloarenes + Coordination Compounds + Alcohols, Phenol’s & Ether+Aldehydes, Ketones & Carboxylic Acids Digestion and Absorption +Breathing and Exchange of Gases + Body Fluids and Circulation +Exrcetory Products and their Elimination + Locomotion a nd Movement
16-Aug-2020 Sunday ELDRT-05 Electric Charges and Fields + Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance + Current Electricity The d & f- Block Elements + Surface Chemistry + Electrochemistry + Redox Reactions Neural & Chemical Co-ordination + Reproduction in Organisms + Sexual Reproduction in Flowering plants + Human Reproduction + Reproductive Health
20-Aug-2020 Thursday ELDRT-06 Moving Charges and Magnetism + Magnetism and Matter + Electromagnetic Inductionn +  Alternating Current + Electromagnetic Waves Environmental Chemistry + Gen. Principles & Process of Isolation of Elements.+ Chemical Kinetics + Chemistry In Everyday Life + Solutions Principles of Inheritance and Variation+ Molecular Basis of Inheritance+ Biotechnology: Principles and Proecesses + Biotechnology:Its Application
24-Aug-2020 Monday ELDRT-07 Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter+ Atom + Nuclei + Semiconductor Electronics The p- Block Elements- (15 + 16 + 17 +18 Group Elements) +  + The Solid State + Polymers Evolution + Human Health and Disease + Strategies for Enchancement in Food Production + Microbes in Human Welfare
28-Aug-2020 Friday ELDRT-08 Ray Optics and Optical Instruments + Wave Optics  Biomolecules + Amines  Organism and population +Ecosystem+Bio-dieversity and conservation+Environmental Issue
1-Sep-2020 Tuesday MOCK-01
4-Sep-2020 Friday MOCK-02
7-Sep-2020 Monday MOCK-03
10-Sep-2020 Thursday MOCK-04
13-Sep-2020 Sunday NEET 2020

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