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Our Toppers of NEET 2018

The 2nd session of robotic workshop

MEEEGS, AKOLA is committed to excellence in education. We not only concentrate and work hard for the academic excellence of our students, but also take care to give them proper exposure to modern trends in science and technology.

So we arranged another session of Vidyasagar Sir’s Yantram Robotic Workshop, today at MEEEGS. Last week we had the 1st session of this workshop and the response to it was so overwhelming that we had to divide some of the groups for this week 2nd session of the workshop.

The students really enjoyed the assembly session, software and coding session and the robo race.

Note: The students who attended today’s workshop can download the relevant source codes, from Vidyasagar Sir’s website. To visit the download page, click here.

The Winner Group

Today the robo race was won by: Abhishek Lavhale, Mayur Agrawal and Shashank Sawane. Congrats dear students, keep it up…!

yantram robotic workshop

The winners of today’s robo race conducted at MEEEGS

Yantram Robotic Workshop@MEEEGS

The modern technology is developing very rapidly. The growth of robotics in these years has tremendously increased among the students, particularly of engineering colleges, NITs, IITs, BITs.

In the very first year of their higher education, they come across terms like Robocon, Robotics competition, Robo War, Robo Race and so on. Most of the students join this and as per their feedback, such events turn out to be prestigious as well as useful for their future career.

To get acquainted with the very basics of Robotics and to give the proper understanding of above said activities, in higher education, Vidyasagar Sir has designed a fundamental level of “Yantram” Robotic Workshop.

Today MEEEGS is conducted the 1st session of this workshop for our students. To download the programs and know more about robotics, visit this link.

Album of Workshop

Meet Our Successful Students

Its our immense pleasure to announce the great success achieved by OUR  student, PREET NITINJI AGRAWAL.

Preet has cleared KVPY level 1 exam. Biology olympiad-level -1 and also he has successfully cleared NTS level-2.

Pratyush Sabale, yet another student of MEEEGS, has cleared NTS-level -2.


Workshop on Physics & Electronics

Album of workshop conducted by MEEEGS on Physics and Electronics.

Workshop On Physics & Electronics By Experts From Pune

Today’s educational system is such that only the theory knowledge from the text books is not sufficient for various competitive exams like, KVPY, OLYMPIADS, NTS, NSTSE, etc. Because these exams have the questions based on practical knowledge also.

Here, at MEEEGS,  we provide the opportunity to the students of getting such practical knowledge by conducting the practical workshop based on their curriculum. One such workshop was conducted on 31-10-14 & 1-11-14 at MEEEGS on Physics & Electronics for the students of 10th standard.

The workshop was very nicely conducted by Dolphin Labs, renowned research centre, Pune of which the directors  are  Shri. Chittaranjan Mahajan sir & Mrs. Rajashri C. Mahajan madam. The workshop was assisted by  Mrs. Renuka Kalaj. Mahajan sir is an expert faculty in the field of electronics. He did his post graduation from Pune University & currently doing his Ph.D. from the same university. He has seven patents in his name. Mrs. Mahajan is also a post graduate from C.O.E.P. & has two patents in her name.

These experts came to MEEEGS, and they made the students in a very nice manner to handle the different electrical gadgets, instruments, through  16 experiments which were performed by the students of MEEEGS. The students of the workshop were given a kit of different electrical instruments.

By this workshop students came to know how to apply their theory knowledge to perform experiments. Students showed their creativity & innovative ideas by constructing new electronic circuits. The experts not only explained all the basics required for the experiments but also make students to do the practicals on their own by personnel attention. At the end of the workshop, we were very happy to see the satisfactory faces of the young scientists.

About Workshop:
This workshop is about implementation of small projects on breadboard
using discrete components.
Under the workshop, the students will be able to identify electronic
components, utilize those components on bread board ,handle instruments
like, wire stripper flawlessly.

Workshop contents:
1. Introduction to basic terminologies used in Electronics.
2. Identification of electronic components and their brief information.
3. Handling of electronic instruments required for the project.
4. Implementing the application oriented projects

Take away from workshop:
Kit containing Set of 9V batteries, Wire stripper,Breadboard, Single
strand wires components like resistors, capacitors, transistors, IC555,
LEDs, LDR etc.

Projects carried out by students:
1. Flashing LED
2. Touch sensor for LED
3. Water level indicator
4. Door bell
5. Light sensor using transistor
6. Siren using transistor
7. Zig-zag lightening using  IC 555
8. Touch switch using IC 555
9. Electronic  screamer
10. Electronic steady hand game
11. Light detector using IC 555
12. Smoke detector
13. Electronic organ
14. Rain alarm
15.Running light LED


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