MEEEGS is the best Coaching Institute in Vidarbha Region for Preparing Medical Entrance Exams.meeegs-building

At MEEEGS the teaching pattern is such that an average student also achieves good success and ranking in Medical Entrance examination. Every teacher at MEEEGS is devoted not only to teach but also to solve Student’s difficulties in a very friendly manner irrespective of the status of difficulties. MEEEGS believes in the proverb:

Learning process can be best done not only by answering the questions but also by asking the questions

At MEEEGS the teaching attitude is not limited to class teaching only. Complete care will be taken up by assistant teachers of MEEEGS to check whether the students are doing their Work sheets, Homework copy, Memory Maps, Orals, Fault Books, and Difficulty Books in a proper way or not.
MEEEGS believes that only teaching is not sufficient to achieve success in competitive examination, so MEEEGS also takes care about other important aspects of education like

  • Guidance to parents by expert faculties.
  • Guidance for personality development.
  • Guidance how to study effectively.
  • Guidance how to remember the whole syllabus by various short-cut methods.
  • Guidance by experts about time management, stress management, positive attitude.

Students at MEEEGS never feel that they are under pressure of studies, because all the faculties are very expert in teaching in their respective subjects. They teach in a very friendly but disciplined manner. If students enjoy the process of teaching then, learning process becomes very effective and the results become excellent.

At MEEEGS the students get benefit of latest technology such as :

  1. Biometric Identity card for their presentee record.
  2. Subject wise performance which will give complete analysis of student’s progress.
  3. The complete analysed result of all subjects will be shared with parents.
  4. Regular contact with parents regarding absentee and result of all tests through SMS facility and through our website.
  5. Teaching with the help of smart digital Board which will help students to learn some topics which otherwise are very difficult to understand by using regular black board.
  6. Specially designed animations and power point presentation prepared by MEEEGS.
  7. Air Conditioned Class Room with safe Drinking water.
  8. Specially Designed Study Material for Rigorous Practice of MCQs.


  1. Regular Teaching with perfectly planned syllabus.
  2. Separate difficulty & MCQ solving sessions.
  3. Library facilities up to 10 pm.
  4. Worksheet solving followed by test for complete syllabus.
  5. Backup plan for mistakes committed in test through fault book & oral test.
  6. Monthly major test on complete taught syllabus.
  7. Rigorous practice of numericals of physics & chemistry.
  8. Expectations from Parents
  9. Regular feedback about progress of your ward.
  10. Regular follow-up regarding home work and test performance.
  11. Asking their wards to maintain difficulty book and fault book.
  12. Regularity of their wards in the classes.
  13. To contact the subject teachers for any help for the benefit of students.

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