Deshpande Sir as Judge at Prabhat Kids School, Akola

Prabhat Kids School, Akola celebrated “National Science Day” and organized “Science Exhibition Competition” on February 28th, 2018. Where, students presented different kinds of Models related to Science. Ajay Deshpande (Director- MEEEGS, Akola) was honored as Judge to evaluate the exhibition. Shri Gajanan Nare (Director- Prabhat Kids School) welcomed Ajay Deshpande [...]

Science Exhibition @ MEEEGS, Akola

Students from different- different schools were participated and explained beautifully to the visitors. The topic for model exhibition was 1. Energy Resources (Solar Energy, Wind Power, Wave & Tidal Power, Geothermal, Biomass, Hydropower) 2. Basic Laws of Science 3. Waste Management.

Time Table for MEEEGS’ Improvement Batch: 2017-18

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Felicitation Ceremony @ KEM, Mumbai

Inter School Quiz Competition- 2018

A Felicitation Ceremony was hosted by “MEEEGS, AKOLA” to honor the students for their excellent performance in “Learn With Fun”, “Inter School Quiz Competition”- & “Science Exhibition” -2018 at “Pramilatai Oak Hall”, Akola on February 28th. Mrs. Anita Govind Khandelwal, a renowned doctor, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. [...]


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